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Greg Mac, formerly known as Lil G, is a seasoned musician with over 20 years of experience in the Nashville music scene. He first gained national recognition as part of the duo Exit 24, signed to the prestigious Average Joes Entertainment label. Their album featured the hit song “Barn Song”, which propelled them to new heights in the industry.

Greg has also been featured on the popular “Mud Digger” compilation series and has toured extensively with the Mega Truck race series, performing all over the country. In addition, he has released two singles with War Horse and has been a recurring contributor on Jon Conner’s “Rowdy Friends” compilation series.

Throughout his career, Greg has shown a versatility that has allowed him to collaborate with artists and labels across genres. His dedication to music has enabled him to continue pursuing his passion for over two decades, and his hard work and talent have earned him a place as one of Nashville’s most respected and sought-after musicians.

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